Almonds Reduce Belly Fat…. and more


Almonds Reduce Belly Fat

Replacing a high carb snack each day with a handful of almonds ( about 1.5 ounces) reduces belly fat.

For 12 weeks, researchers at Penn State University gave overweight volunteers with high cholesterol identical diets, with one exception – one group got a daily snack of almonds while a second group got a banana muffin snack equal in calories.

The almond snack reduced total cholesterol, including LDL (bad) cholesterol when compared to the muffin, and also significantly reduced belly fat.

Research found that substituting almonds for a high carbohydrate snack improved numerous heart health risk factors, including the new finding that eating almonds reduced belly fat.

People with chronic high cholesterol levels, need to be tested for thyroid problems also. Almonds have been shown to work with thyroid problems also.

If you need assistance in reversing this problem, Health and Wellness Associates is here to help you.

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Natural Compound Helps Smokers Quit


Natural Compound Helps Smokers Quit

A study at New Zealand’s University of Auckland found that a natural, inexpensive compound called cytisine that has been used for more than 40 years in Europe to help smokers kick the habit, is more effective than nicotine replacement therapy, (NRT).

After using cytosine for 25 days, about 40 percent of people said they had not smoked compared to 31 percent of those who used NRT, and those taking cytisine were more likely to be non-smokers after 6 months.

To the brain, cytosine looks a little like nicotine, and so it works to alleviate any urges to smoke and reduces the severity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

If you do smoke while using cytisine it will be less satisfying – making quitting easier.

Cytisine quit smoking aids are widely available over the internet or health food stores.

If you need assistance with trying to quit smoking, we here at Health and Wellness Associates will be happy to assist.

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Migraines Tied to Bell’s Palsy


Migraines Tied to Bell’s Palsy

Migraine headaches double the risk for Bell’s Palsy, according to a study reported in the journal Neurology. Bell’s palsy, a condition of the nervous system that causes facial paralysis affects between 11 and 40 people out of 100,00 each year, and most patients recover completely.

“Our study suggests that these two conditions may have a common link” says lead author Dr. Shuu-Jiun Wang. “ infection, inflammation or heart and vascular problems could be shared causes for these diseases.

If you are having problems with migraines, cluster headaches, persistent headaches, give us a call here at Health and Wellness Associates, and we can help you find the cause, and reverse this condition.

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