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Cortisol Overload


Cortisol Overload

Have you ever been so stressed out you can’t think straight? Crunch time, trying to make a rational decision and you can’t even clearly see the problem? This happens when there is too much cortisol in the brain. There is point where the brain cannot properly make and store new thoughts and memories because it is overwhelmed by cortisol. In our stress-driven society, cortisol overload is a major cause of dementia-related problems in our population. Your adrenals make DHEA plus the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Adrenal exhaustion comes from coping with chronic stress, poor nutrition, yo-yo diets, emotional turmoil and even job-related stress. Adrenal exhaustion means that your adrenals are bone-tired from pumping out cortisol and they can’t make enough DHEA to support a healthy hormonal balance. What is the end of this? You feel worn out, tapped out, stressed out, overwhelmed and depressed. Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that should start out with high levels in the morning and taper down through the day, being replaced by rising melatonin in the evening. Cortisol should peak by about 8 am to get you going and then slowly drop off to reach their lowest at about 8-10 pm so that you can fall asleep. The hormone melatonin should be on the rise after 5 in the evening and peak around 8-10 pm to put you to sleep. Cortisol wakes you up and melatonin makes you sleepy. Stress causes cortisol levels to elevate instead of drop at night.

What happens with high cortisol levels

Chronic elevation in cortisol is extremely detrimental to your health. It has been linked to adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, heart disease, excessive blood sugar levels, elevated cholesterol, excess body fat (particularly around the midsection), and depressed sex hormone levels in both men and women. High cortisol will tank your sex life and it also breaks down muscle tissue, which can really douse your results in the gym. Gaining weight on your diet? Cutting back the calories sends a signal to your body that you’re under attack. Low-calorie meals and frozen diet dinners kick the stress hormone cortisol into overdrive. A recent study published in Psychosomatic Medicine found that you’ll get a stress boost just by going on a low-calorie diet. Cortisol actually tells the body to retain weight, so as you eat less, you actually weigh more. A common finding in patients with autoimmune disease is high cortisol. Patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis also have high cortisol and a loss of circadian rhythms(Axelrod). High cortisol levels help bring on stress and hormone-related cancer but melatonin blocks the effects of estrogen upon cancer cells in hormonally-influenced cancers, such as breast, endometrial, ovarian and uterine cancers. Large amounts of alcohol deplete hormones and increases cortisol levels and smoking has been found to reduce melatonin levels. If the thyroid is low the adrenals will come up to compensate and this will also cause extra cortisol.

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Health and Disease

Two Vital Organs can Fail before you Know it


How These Two Vital Organs Can Fail Before You Realize It

Not many people talk about the liver. It isn’t as dazzling as the brain and the heart but between the liver and the kidneys, it’s where 99% of the toxins in your body are safely removed.

Without these two vital organs, the contaminants – caused by air, water, food, and the waste by-product – in your body would overwhelm your system and result in death.

In the USA alone, there are 17,000 cases waiting for a liver transplant.

Did you know…that the Western Diet creates a myriad of problems for your liver and kidneys? One major problem that arises is fatty liver disease, and it plagues roughly 1 in 4 U.S. citizens and 1 in 5 U.K. citizens.

These numbers pale in comparison to those that might not even realize they have fatty liver disease. Unless inflammation is present (which results in long-term damage to the second largest organ in your body) you may not exhibit any symptoms!

This epidemic is preventable and reversible!

In an eye-opening study published in the British medical journal The Lancet in June 2012, it has emerged that people with chronic kidney disease may have the same level of risk for coronary heart disease as people who have previously had a heart attack and similar to or higher than the rate of death among people with diabetes–which is pretty bad!

Put another way, your kidneys can bury you in many ways: not just kidney failure (which is horrible) but by a large increase in the possibility of a sudden fatal heart attack.

It’s really a shame that these two vital organs, the detox centers of your body – get ignored and abused. Not every detox recipe provides the correct ingredients for you! The problem is most health practitioners and doctors don’t have much to say about how to care for these two critical organs. The help usually only appears when it’s time for a transplant.

These 2 vital organs can fail before you know it, so taking care of your liver and kidneys is essential to your life for optimal vitality & wellness.

‘We will be happy to help you through this, and to develop just the correct program for you.

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