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Two Vital Organs can Fail before you Know it


How These Two Vital Organs Can Fail Before You Realize It

Not many people talk about the liver. It isn’t as dazzling as the brain and the heart but between the liver and the kidneys, it’s where 99% of the toxins in your body are safely removed.

Without these two vital organs, the contaminants – caused by air, water, food, and the waste by-product – in your body would overwhelm your system and result in death.

In the USA alone, there are 17,000 cases waiting for a liver transplant.

Did you know…that the Western Diet creates a myriad of problems for your liver and kidneys? One major problem that arises is fatty liver disease, and it plagues roughly 1 in 4 U.S. citizens and 1 in 5 U.K. citizens.

These numbers pale in comparison to those that might not even realize they have fatty liver disease. Unless inflammation is present (which results in long-term damage to the second largest organ in your body) you may not exhibit any symptoms!

This epidemic is preventable and reversible!

In an eye-opening study published in the British medical journal The Lancet in June 2012, it has emerged that people with chronic kidney disease may have the same level of risk for coronary heart disease as people who have previously had a heart attack and similar to or higher than the rate of death among people with diabetes–which is pretty bad!

Put another way, your kidneys can bury you in many ways: not just kidney failure (which is horrible) but by a large increase in the possibility of a sudden fatal heart attack.

It’s really a shame that these two vital organs, the detox centers of your body – get ignored and abused. Not every detox recipe provides the correct ingredients for you! The problem is most health practitioners and doctors don’t have much to say about how to care for these two critical organs. The help usually only appears when it’s time for a transplant.

These 2 vital organs can fail before you know it, so taking care of your liver and kidneys is essential to your life for optimal vitality & wellness.

‘We will be happy to help you through this, and to develop just the correct program for you.

Health and Wellness Associates


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