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Have Your Cup of Coffee… except


A daily cup of coffee has been linked to a

healthier heart, a reduced risk of diabetes,

and now new Yale University research reveals

it may ward off skin cancer too.  In the study

middle aged and older adults who sipped

caffeinated java most days had a 20% reduced risk

of melanoma.

This is good news, except if you have already had

cancer, chemo and/or radiation.  If you are on blood

pressure medications, or a history of cardiac problems

or medication.  If you are on blood thinners like

coumadin or warfarin, which there are many others,

then you should not be drinking coffee.

You body has gone through a severe and stressful

change, and you should not be drining coffee then.

As always give us a call with your concerns and needs

to prevent and reverse your medical problems.

Health and Wellness Associates


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