It is Time to Travel; Be Prepared


5 “Travel Supplements” To Keep You From Getting Sick During Your Travels

Traveling can be hard on your body. Being exposed to things you haven’t been exposed to before or missing out on healthy nutrients or habits can also take a toll on your health.
I’ll cover the top 5 supplements to take with you when you travel, plus a couple extra tips to keep off the “weight” and keep from getting sick.
Travel Supplements
1. Multi-Vitamin – A quality multi-vitamin will cover your bases when it comes to the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Also, carbs deplete your body’s B vitamins, so if you’re going to have some holiday stuffing, make sure you bring a multi-vitamin that has extra B vitamins.
2. Vitamin D3 – Boosting your body’s levels of Vitamin D3 will help kill off bad bacteria and help boost your immunity. I recommend taking 5000 I/U per day when traveling.
3. Protein Powder – Brown rice or grass fed whey protein are great sources of healthy protein.
4. Greens Powder – A greens powder will help you get the much needed veggies you may be missing.
5. Immune Boosting Herbs – Echinacea, Elderberry & Oregano. These healthy herbs will boost your immunity while you travel.
Also, make sure to stay active! Doing a workout only 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week for a total of 1 hour per week, can keep you from getting sick or packing on the “pounds”.
And finally, plan ahead. Pick up some healthy snacks like kale chips or sprouted almonds before you travel.
Do these simple things and you’re sure to stay healthy this vacation season!
Health and Wellness Associates


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