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Almonds can stop a Headache


Almonds can stop Headaches

Did You Know that Almonds contain the same painkilling

Ingredient plant compounds ( salicylates) as aspirin.

Their vitamin E helps relax tight blood vessels in the

Head; while their magnesium and calcium reduce

Muscle tension. A handful also ups energy and mood,

Since they are loaded with tyrosine, an amino acid that

Releases feel happy dopamine in the brain.

Slimming bonus: Almonds contain fats, but they are the

Healthy unsaturated kind, and they also contain filing protein and

Fibers to keep you satisfied. In fact, Purdue University research

reveals eating about two handfuls daily curbs hunger pangs

without resulting in weight gain. And other research shows

regular nut eaters tend to weigh less overall.

Health and Wellness Associates



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