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No Time to Exercise


No Time to Exercise?

Cant fit in the 30 minutes of exercise five times weekly needed to lower your risk of heart disease?

Squeeze in two brisk 10 minute walks weekly instead, and you will lower your odds of heart problems,

stroke and blood clots by more than 20%, which is the same as if you have worked out longer.

Short bouts of activity that get your heart pumping are enough to strengthen your heart muscle and arteries research shows.

Boost your benefits with the foods you eat.

Eating a Mediterranean type diet of fish, olives,

fresh produce, whole grains, beans and nuts cuts your

risk of heart disease by another 47%.

Not eating and skipping meals is the worse situation for a health heart.

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Can’t Resist French Fries


Protect Your Blood Pressure with Blueberries
Fatty foods like French fries and pizza can raise your blood pressure,
 but there is a way to enjoy them and stay healthy.
 Eat a cup of fresh, frozen or wild blueberries on the says you indulge.
Polyphenols in wild blueberries stop the artery squeezing inflammation triggered by high fat foods.
Look for wild blueberries first in your local health foods stores, or online I am sure.
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Napping to improve your immune system


Getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep boosts your energy and makes you less susceptive to illness.

So, what if you are short on shuteye?  Keep your defenses up, and illnesses away, with a 30 minute nap.

The Science behind this is a quick nap boosts levels of a protein that strengthens your immune system.

It also helps keep immunity damaging stress levels from spiking, reports the Journal of Clincal Endocrinology and Metabolism.

No Time to Nap?  Sip Tea!

Drink three or more cups of caffeinated black tea daily and your immune system will respond five times more robustly to germs say experts at Bringham and Womens Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  Tea is rich in I-theanine, which keeps your immune system primed for actions.

If you are already diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, try this or give us a call for more information.

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