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Hair Loss


Hair Loss

About 40% of both men and women, have visible hair loss by

age 40.  There is a supplement combo that

reduces hair loss in 90% of the men and women who take it daily.

Fish Oil  400 mg, fish

oil is still the best source of Omega3 fatty acids which quell inflammation and

help nerve endings heal, both of which can reduce hair loss. Omega 3’s also

reduce wrinkles.

Blackcurrant seed oil, 460mg     This supplement has an ideal balance of

omega 6’s and omega 3 fatty acids, which together help stimulate the growth of

hair.   This also help with hormonal

balances and menopause symptoms.

Vitamin C 30 mg,

This nutrient is abundant in citrus fruits, bell peppers and berries,

booster the blood vessels that help the scalp retain hair.

Vitamin E    5mg     This supplement works in conjunction with

vitamin C to reduce the free radical damage that contributes to hair loss.

Lycopene 1 mg.   This

super nutrient zaps hair harming free radical.

It also helps you skin resist sun damage.

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Picture:  Echineachea in my garden.  Also known as Vitamin C, and you can put the petals in salads.

Health and Disease

Your Blood Pressure


Blood Pressure

Controlling your blood pressure cuts your risk of heart disease and stroke 50%,

Plus it slashes your risk of dementia 33% or more. To help keep your blood pressure in check try,

Relaxing your arteries with homemade trail mix

Combining equal parts of roasted soy nuts and your favorite dried fruits, such as raisins, dates and apricots, then eating ½ cup daily can cut your blood pressure as much as 10% in eight weeks. Soy nuts are packed with artery relaxing compounds called isoflavones and dried fruit is rich in potassium as essential minerals that calms your nervous system

Preventing stress trigger surges in blood pressure.

Mineral remedy

Any number of supplements can help lower your blood pressure but none do it as effectively and economically as magnesium. Simply taking 400 to 450mg daily can trim eight points off your blood pressure in eight weeks. Magnesium acts like a natural calcium blocker, plus it helps keeps your blood pressure elastic and healthy.

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Health and Disease

Preventing Cervical Cancer


Cervical Cancer

The good news is the number of cervical cancer cases is

falling yearly.  If you have a family history

of cervical cancer, including vulva and labia, then there are things you can do

to prevent it from happening.

Cutting your risk with grapes and berries

Eating one cup of grapes, strawberries or blueberries, or

drinking 4 oz. of pomegranate juice daily cuts your risk of ever getting

cervical cancer. Compounds in these fruits help stop abnormal growth from

spreading making it easier for your immune system to find and destroy them

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Picture:  Lady Slippers, taken in Northern Minnesota