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Congestion Relief


Congestion Reliever

Cold season is here, buy you can minimize sniffling and stuffiness with clementines.

A USDA study found that this easy to peel fruit is packed with synephrine, a natual

Antihistamine that reduces nose and throat inflammation and slows the production of mucus.

Great ideas:  Add Clementine segments into your favorite chicken or beef stir-fry dishes.

Also: Toss peeled and thinly sliced clementines, chopped carrots, and chopped parsnips with coconut oil, then roast in a 425 degree oven for 40 minutes

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How a Little Bubbly Ups Your Vitality


How a Little Bubbly ups your vitality
Champagne’s high levels of flavonoids stimulate the production of nitric oxide, according to Italian researchers. This compound dilates blood vessels, reduces inflammation in the arteries and improves circulation to optimize heart function.
The phyto-nutrients in wine help stop harmful bacteria from attaching to the stomach lining. One British study found that drinking three glasses per week can reduce the risk of an H. pyloric infection – and the resulting bloat, ulcers and indigestion by 11%.
Sipping a daily glass of white champagne can ensure a smooth and radiant complexion, according to Spanish researchers. They explain that the drink’s polyphenols help prevent the breakdown of collagen, a protein that makes skin cells firm, plump and elastic.
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Speed Up Sluggish Glands


Speed Up Your Sluggish Glands

Consuming 2 Tbs. of coconut oil a day can erase fatigue in two weeks.  How?

MCFAs prod the thyroid to amp up production of thyroxine-a hormone that speeds

the conversion of food into energy.  And coconut fats heal overworked adrenal glands

boosting their output of energizing adrenaline.

It can also be used for feminine dryness, irritated skin, soft and full hair and many more.

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