Health and Disease

COPD and The Flu Shot


If you suffer with COPD, you most likely have or will develop Fatty Liver Disease.
In a recent article by Dr. Chauncy Crandall he talks about the problems with Flu Shotsand COPD. When you have COPD your airways and air sacs loose their elasticity, you have a persistant cough, and you get colds and the flu more. Getting the flu or colds more often, your doctor is able to adjust your treatment accordingly. If you get the flu shot you may actually be masking the condition, which will not allow your doctor to diagnose your treatment correctly. Just as if you are a heavy smoker and get the flu shot, you will not be diagnosed in time for immediate treatment. This is called the Leonard Nimoy, yes, Dr. Spock problem, and which in turn caused his early death. Not being diagnosed because the flu shot did not allow proper diagnosis for COPD.
When you have COPD you will also suffer from Fatty Liver Disease. You guessed it! Your tests results will not show Fatty Liver Disease, or other Liver Diseases if you get the flu shot.

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