Colds and Flu


Cold and Flu Season
With the cold and flu season in full swing, fortification with vitamin C is one of the most effective and potent methods for dodging illness. And yet, this well-known nutrient is often overlooked as an outstanding anti-aging, cancer-destroying, disease-busting and mood-boosting addition to the diet. To encourage health throughout the winter and beyond, consuming foods which naturally supply high levels of vitamin C is a smart move.
Likewise, have a look at the following list from the Global Healing Center which offers further examples of vitamin C-rich foods:
Acerola cherry Broccoli Citrus
Black currant Guava Brussels sprouts Melons Cauliflower Tomatoes Strawberries Red and yellow bell peppers Herbs (cilantro, chives, thyme, basil and parsley) Leafy greens (especially kale, mustard greens, watercress, chard and spinach)
For highest nutritional benefit, always consume organically grown produce and only cook lightly to retain delicate nutrients. Better yet, enjoy fruits and vegetables raw. For herbal teas, try a cold-infusion.
Secondly, we mentioned the other day not to take Motrin/Ibuprofen during the cold and flu season. Most people who take Ibuprofen are more likely to catch something from others. For many more reasons than this, please do not give your children Ibuprofen products. Remember, this was on prescription not that long ago.
Health and Wellness Associates
Archived Article

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