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Eating Healthier on Vacation


Eating Healthier on Vacation



You’ve got a great diet going. You’re cutting down carbs, losing pounds and exercising like never before. But then you go on vacation…and lo and behold all your good work is ruined! You go on a sugar binge and then notice when you come back, the cravings for unhealthy food return. Within a few weeks, you may be back to destructive old habits. The key is to maintain your healthy lifestyle and better dieting habits while on vacation.


We know what you’re thinking: that’s so hard to do, right? Nobody on vacation cares about your dieting routines and sometimes you just have to rough it. But there are at least three “hacks” to eating healthier on vacation. Try these out and see how much easier it will be to stay faithful to your diet even when in a strange setting.


Don’t Eat Out—Cook

Honestly, this is half the battle right here. We’re so tempted to eat out when on vacation, we throw caution to the wind and re-accustom our bodies to those bad diets of yesterday. By simply staying home and cooking, you can avoid restaurants that have obscenely over flavored and over fattened foods that are just going to destroy your healthy regime. Better yet, avoid a hotel and opt instead of a cabin in the forest.


A spokesperson from Mountain Air Cabin Rentals says that cooking on vacation really works. “It’s not just a matter of avoiding bad restaurant food. The experience of cooking everything at home puts you back in control and back in awareness of what you eat, including how oversized restaurant portions are. Honestly, if you had to butter up everything yourself, you would be saying, ‘How can I possibly eat this?’ A lot of our clients request cabins instead of hotels because hotels, by nature, encourage splurging on money and foods that are not at all healthy.”


  1. See More, Eat Less


A lot of this is mind over matter. If you remind yourself that this trip is a once in a lifetime experience—and you’re cooking your own food—you’re just not going to want to waste so much time eating. You’re going to want to watch the scenery and go hiking, or sightseeing. So sample foods when you go out, but eat dinner at home. Save your energy not for feasting but for enjoying the vacation on foot. Besides, if you walk more on your vacation, you’re less likely to gain weight. You’ll be walking so much you will burn off the extra calories.


  1. Drink More and Snack More


Whoah, slow down—not drinking alcohol or the mini-bar. We mean water. Hydrate yourself plenty, since you’ll be walking. More water will calm cravings. Snacking on more nuts, fruits and vegetables will also curb cravings while hardly adding up any significant calories.


As you can see, logical planning is the best defense against the temptation of over eating on vacation.


Health and Wellness Associates


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