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Breakfast Protein and Recipes


Breakfast Protein and Recipes
Everyone needs protein at breakfast. In fact, studies show that consuming roughly 30 grams at your morning meal will optimize muscle growth, and also help keep you full until lunch.
But most people aren’t even coming close to that number. For instance, the average person consumes two-thirds of his daily protein after 6 p.m., according to research at the University of Illinois.
Perhaps that’s because a high-protein breakfast often means one that’s built around eggs. Lots of them.
And while we love eggs, not everyone does—especially not day after day after day. Looking for other options?
Protein Bagel & Lox
Toast a High-Protein Bagel (you can buy these at Wegmans ). Top with 2 Tbsp reduced fat cream cheese, 3 oz smoked salmon, and red onion and capers to taste. Makes 1 serving.
614 calories, 82g protein, 28g carbs (4g fiber), 21g fat
Cranberry Nut Oatmeal
What you’ll need: 5 scoops vanilla whey protein ½ cup unsweetened dried cranberries 1 cup slivered almonds 2 cups steel cut oats, rinsed 5 cups water 2 pinches of salt Unsweetened vanilla almond milk (optional)
How to make it: 1. Add cranberries, oats, and water into rice cooker. Turn on rice cooker. 2. Once the rice cooker has finished, stir in 2 pinches of salt, slivered almonds, and vanilla whey protein. Add unsweetened vanilla almond milk to achieve desired texture (optional). Makes 5 servings.
508 calories, 35g protein, 60g carbs (9g fiber), 15g fat
Protein-Spiked Yogurt Parfait
Stir half a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder into a cup of plain Greek yogurt. Top with ½ cup frozen mixed berries, 2 Tbsp sliced almonds, and 1 tsp ground flaxseeds. Makes 1 serving.
361 calories, 32g protein, 21g carbs (4g fiber), 18g fat
I will be adding more breakfast recipes.
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