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Cabbage Leaves, Yes or No?


This was sent to me today, and I was asked what my opinion was.
Jeannine Litty I know this is going to sound strange, but someone had told me that if i was not going to breast feed my baby after giving birth, put whole leaf cabbage on my breast to take the pain away! so when i told the nurse to get me some cabbage, she thought i was coo-coo. she brought back shredded and i said, no, i need big leaves to put in my bra for pain, and guess what?? it worked!!! no pain and the swelling went down!!
This does work! Cabbage leaves when applied to the skin, reduce swelling and excellent for bruising. This was done all the time , until we went to only medications. Many times grandma would come into the recovery room with a new head of cabbage and the nursing staff was always trying to argue with her, until we told the staff it was fine, and many a staff learned something new that day.

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