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Artificial Sweetners


Are Artificial Sweeteners Dangerous?


I am concerned about the chlorine in sucralose and the possibility that it can cause goiters and thyroid problems.  What are the dangers of chlorine?  Mary P., Meadows Place Texas



The artificial sweetener sucralose contains four halogen atoms of chlorine. Ingesting too many toxic halogens, such as fluoride and bromide, can displace iodine and cause or worsen iodine deficiency.


The real problem with sucralose is when it is heated. The heated chlorine atoms turn into a dioxin-like product.  Sucralose is a very sweet, sugar-like substance that tricks the body into thinking a big sugar load is coming.  That causes a large increase in insulin.  This problem was really a large problem when our troops went to the middle east, and a lot of coke products were sent over, but stored in the desert heat.


The large insulin load can cause problems with blood sugar such as diabetes and other issues.  Sucralose, like aspartame, should be avoided.


Health and Wellness Associates

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