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How to Solve Urinary Problems?


How to Solve Urinary Problems?


I have a female friend who suffers from frequent urination.  Do you have any suggestions for how she can solve this problem?  Gonzalo M., Sydney Australia


The most common cause of urinary difficulties is postmenopausal women in estrogen deficiency.  This can easily be diagnosed by a healthcare provider.


Sometimes the solution is easy – applying topical estrogen , but one should always use a a natural bioidentical hormone, and stay away from synthetic hormones which will cause more problems.


Other causes of frequent urination in women includes, mechanical issues such as a dropped uterus or a fibroid pressing on the bladder.


Now, the most often seen problem, is food allergies or sensitivities.  This is the same reason why some children wet the bed.


Weakness of the pelvic muscle can lead to problems, but again, food sensitivies and allergies are the cause of this happening also.


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