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How to Cure a Cold



Cure A Cold With Saltwater


Got a cold?  Gargling with saltwater can soothe away symptoms like a sore throat and sniffles, reducing the odds of that cold turning into an upper respiratory infection by  40%.


Gargling removes microscopic viruses from your throat and airways, which is key for keeping them from triggering a serious illness, researchers explain.  At the same time, gargling with saltwater loosens mucous and soothes irritated throat tissues, so you feel better faster.


ALSO:  Be Kind Too!

Simple acts of kindness, like running an errand for a homebound neighbor, makes your immune system more robust, a study from Bishop’s University in Canada reveals.  Acting with compassion releases a cascade of protective hormones and immunity improving chemical messengers the study authors say.


Please share with family and loved ones.  Call us if you are having problems with reoccurring respiratory infections, or any healthcare concern.

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