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Good is not always Good!


A New Mammography Innovation is touted as a lifesaver. It is not!

It is exceedingly dangerous in two ways.

If anyone tries to sell you on the wondrous advancement of 3-D mammography, draw the line right there.

Just say, “Never! No way.”
It’s a one-dimensional danger. Inside view Unlike conventional mammography, the new 3-D mammography

(we’ll call it 3-DM) can spot smaller tumors in dense breasts. And almost half of all women have dense breast tissue. But in spite of this improvement, 3-DM is actually WORSE than conventional mammograms.
Two reasons — compression and radiation.
Compression is one of the huge drawbacks of mammography. It’s painful, of course, and that’s bad enough. But compression can actually prompt a tumor to become more active. Conventional mammography requires about 20 seconds of breast compression. That doesn’t sound too bad. But when it’s your breast between the plates, that’s a VERY long 20 seconds. Here’s the kicker… 3-DM more than DOUBLES the compression time to nearly 50 seconds. More painful? Absolutely! But even worse, the risk of stimulating tumor activity also increases.
The radiation problem is just as dangerous. And it goes way beyond mammography. That’s because radiation exposure is cumulative. Every x-ray, cat scan, and mammogram adds to your total lifetime dose. As that total grows, cancer risk grows. Now here’s the second kicker… 3-DM delivers TWICE as much radiation as conventional mammography.

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