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Spa Pops



Spa Pops

This was just sent to me, and I had to share!

These healthy “Spa Pops,” have 4 ingredients and are so easy to make at home!
1 cup julienned seedless cucumber
1 fresh lemon, cut in half and seeds removed
2 cups cold water
Natural Sweetener added to taste: Stevia, Maple Sy…rup, Honey
Popsicle molds
Popsicle sticks

(makes 3 cups of Popsicle mix)

1. For the first step, you’re essentially making lemonade! Pour the 2 cups of water into a pitcher or bowl. Squeeze each lemon half over a strainer into the water (unless you would like a little lemon pulp in your pops!) Add sweetener of choice to taste.
2. Fill Popsicle molds 2/3 full with the lemonade mixture, and freeze uncovered for 1 hour. Do not add cucumbers yet or they will all sink to the bottom of the mold!
3. Remove pops from the freezer and scrape any ice crystals that have formed, stirring the slush around. Add a small spoonful of cucumbers to each pop mold, leaving room so they don’t overflow when the stick is added. Press and mix in the cucumbers with a Popsicle stick or butter knife for even distribution. Add the Popsicle sticks by pushing them into the center of each mold. Freeze pops for another 3-4 hours, or until solid.

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