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Quinoa, good or bad for YOU!

Quinoa (KEEN-wah) is a type of seed of the goosewort plant, a relative of spinach and chard. Quinoa provides a complete protein, making it especially valuable for vegetarians. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids, including lysine, which is critical for growing and repairing body tissues. One cup of quinoa has more protein than one egg and is high in magnesium, folate and riboflavin (B2). Quinoa is a prebiotic that feeds beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract and is a great source of insoluble fiber that promotes healthy elimination, helps maintain colon health and prevent the formation of gallstones. Your body can easily digest and access the vitamins and minerals and quinoa making this a most excellent addition to a healthy diet. Recently, we have found that most Quinoa has switched to a corn flour instead of rice. This is causing many problems for people with allergies. Do you know what food allergies, sensitivities, and addictions you have. If not, contact us and we can figure this out together.


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