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Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes


Fall Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes




2 cups cooked quinoa

1 medium sweet potato baked

2 tbs. applesauce

1 egg white

1/2 tbs. cinnamon



Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.


In a large mixing bowl combine 1 cup of the cooked quinoa with the inside of the baked sweet potato and mash together.


Add in your egg white, applesauce, and cinnamon and continue to mix.


Slowly add the remaining 1 cup of quinoa to the mix.


Form into patties and place on a baking sheet sprayed with olive oil.


Bake for 10 minutes. Remove and flip the cakes. Then bake for another 10 minutes.


Serve and Enjoy!


Makes 6 cakes!


Yields: 3 servings | Serving Size: 2 quinoa cakes | Calories: 204 | Total Fat: 2 g | Saturated Fat: 0 g | Trans Fat: 0 g | Cholesterol: 0 mg | Sodium: 60 mg | Carbohydrates: 38 g | Dietary Fiber: 5 g | Sugars: 2 g | Protein: 8 g | SmartPoints: 6 |


Health and Wellness Associates

Archived : P Carrothers


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