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Did you know that if you should not take ginseng, or drink ginseng tea if you have any of the following conditions.


◦ High blood pressure levels


◦ Heart conditions


◦ Diabetes


◦ Sleep apnea


◦ Hormone-related cancer like breast, ovarian or uterine cancer


◦ Narcolepsy


◦ Mania


Everyone is different, we all have a body, but we don’t have the same body as other people.  Each of us is unique.  Just like a mechanic will tell you that each car is different, each body is different.  Many healthcare professionals treat each person as the same.

If you have concerns or questions, or treatments that are not working for YOU, then you need to contact us and we will take the time to work with you, to work out a solution that is best for you.


Health and Wellness Associates


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