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7 Things Kids Need to See Their Mom Doing


Seven Things Kids Need to See Their Mom Doing


From the moment that you hold your first perfect, wrinkly baby in your arms, the universe shifts and the title “Mom” is placed on your head like a very heavy crown.  Being a mom is a profound responsibility, not for the faint of heart.  Here are seven things that all children would benefit from seeing their mom doing.


  1. Expressing Love

There is too much hostility in the world, too much apathy and too much neglect. A mom has the gentle power to infuse her child with love and security, all with a simple hug, kiss, or soothing words.


So often I hear from my 2-year-old, “Hold you?”  Usually when I’m right in the middle of something.  My “In-a-minutes” add up until I’ve completely lost the opportunity to love my child.  Chores can wait, but kids won’t.  They will grow up and move on.  No child was ever harmed by a mother who expressed too much love.


  1. Doing What They Love

As a child, I remember perching myself up at the kitchen table, gazing star-struck at my mom who was speedily sewing me a new Easter dress.  To me, she was amazing, her abilities endless; I wanted to be just like her.


Becoming a mom can consume our time to the point where we stop doing the things we once loved.  Please don’t!  Playing the piano, painting, singing…the creative outlets are endless.  If you want your children to be passionate, creative little people, then they need to see you doing the things that you love to do.  Your example is powerful and you will be a star in their eyes.


  1. Being a Cheerleader

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean squeezing into a short skirt and exposing your midriff.  But it does mean waving those metaphorical pom-poms whenever you get the chance.


Kids need to know that their mom is their number one fan.  At soccer games, dance recitals, spelling bees, when kids see their moms on the first row, cheering them on, they may put up that, “I’m so embarrassed” front, but inside, they are ecstatic, relieved, and assured that mom’s got their back.  And that is nice to know.


  1. Going With Your Gut

Moms are blessed with a strong intuition when it comes to making decisions for the family.  Call it mama-bear instinct, but kids need to see mom making tough decisions based on her gut feelings, and standing by those intuitions.


Don’t feel right about a sleepover?  Make sure your child knows that the reason you said “No” was based on your instinct, and not your desire to be a “mean mom.”




  1. Loving Their Bodies

Women are far more sensitive about their body image than men, and moms who are constantly degrading their figures are teaching children the misconception that bodies should be perfect.  When your son or daughter sees you scrutinizing yourself in the mirror and vocalizing negativities about your body, they will internalize that.


Instead, love your body for what it can do…lifting your child on the playground, wrapping your arms around them in a tight hug.  Your confidence and example can teach both sons and daughters to be comfortable in the skin they are in.


  1. Praying for Them

Kids should know that we think about them constantly.  We worry about their safety, we hope for their success, and we yearn for their happiness.


It is more than okay to let children see you praying for them, to let them hear your concerns and your hopes for them.  Pouring your heart out will help them see just a glimpse of your infinite love for them.


  1. Letting Loose

Yes, being a mom is a huge responsibility.  There is always something to clean, something to fix, some errand that needs to be run.  But sometimes we get way too caught up in the duties of motherhood that we forget to have fun in the process.  Kids desperately need to see their moms letting loose, laughing, and having some fun.  Chores can wait, but the opportunities to play dress-up or Twister are fleeting.  Grab ahold of them!  After all, dads shouldn’t be the only ones to have fun.

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