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Mammograms or Thermography?


Mammography vs. Thermography



Well, let’s start with mammograms. Again, by the time they see a lump on a mammogram, it has taken five to eight years to develop. And if a woman follows the 10-year protocol of getting a mammogram every year or every six months, she is getting as much radiation as a woman had at Hiroshima; the atomic bomb, if she stood a mile away from the epicenter. She is getting over 5 rads of radiation in a mammogram if she follows the traditional methods of mammography.


So mammograms cause a lot of problems – the compression, the radiation. Studies have shown that they can increase your risk of cancer. And the new study that came out in Canada, it was a 25-year study where they found that mammograms did not decrease breast mortality rate at all. In fact, they were just as effective as a self breast exam that women do.


So if we put mammograms aside and we look at the technology with thermography, which has been around for years and can detect physiological changes at a very early stage, wouldn’t you rather know that there is possibly some changes going on in your breast or in your abdomen five to eight years before you have a diagnosis? And with thermography, there is no pain, there is no compression, there is no radiation. It is just a beautiful tool to have in your pocket.


So it is not only less invasive but it works better, it detects earlier.


So why doesn’t every doctor that is trying to detect breast cancer switch from mammography to thermography? Why is there this hitch?

Well, that brings us to the multibillion dollar cancer industry and mammograms are part of that. When you look at the breast cancer awareness month, I mean, they are not teaching women about true prevention but they are running women to having more mammograms. And to change that around is going to take some time and some persuasion and some education. Which in the 10 years that I have used thermography, I have seen a tremendous growth in that industry. And again, it is awareness and education.


But at the heart of it, though, it sure appears to be financially driven.


Ask your doctor where the closest facility for thermography and skip the mammograms!  Please!


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Veronique Desaulniers







How Medicare Doctors are Paid to Keep you Sick.



How Medicare Doctors are Paid to Keep You Sick


The bottom line is this. Doctors are incentivized the wrong way in my opinion; they’re incentivized the wrong way. So if you believe that the goal is to prevent disease to begin with rather than just simply treat it once it occurs. In other words, if you believe that being proactive is more important than being reactive, then you would agree with what I’m about to say.


If I see a patient who has Medicare, just because so many doctors see Medicare and the fee schedule is constant, I will bill Medicare based on certain variables. And some of those—it’s very complicated, of course, just like the tax code is very complicated.


But to simplify, there’s two very commonly used codes: it’s a 99213 and a 99214. A 99213 is just an evaluation visit, an existing patient I’ve been seeing them for years. And when he comes in I can bill a 992—a 12345, okay, almost never a one, almost never a five, things usually lay in the middle depending on what kind of doctor you are and how sick your patients are.


But an average, normal person comes in and I’m going to bill Medicare. If I bill Medicare at 99213 in Texas right now you get about 40 bucks. If I bill Medicare a 99214 I get about a 100 dollars – pretty big spread there. Sixty dollars is quite a bit. So if there’s something you could do to get an extra 60 dollars you’re going to do it.


One way I can convert a 99213 to a—it’s not totally simple. You have to have asked a lot of other questions, but the bottom line is at the very end you have to show medical decision making. It’s called medical decision making.


So I can sit there and ask a bazillion questions. But if I just say “take an aspirin” and I’ll never see you again, a 99214 would be inappropriate because you haven’t done anything. You haven’t used your brain. So assuming all the right questions are asked up to that last step I would then—if I make a difficult decision, okay, then I get paid more for making that difficult decision.


And if I don’t, I have to down code that. So what are the ways to convert a 99213 to a 4? One is I can sit there for exactly 45 minutes and document that and educate that patient. I can talk to them about diet, nutrition, far infrared sauna, whatever I want. I can sit there for a full 45 minutes and have a completely valid conversation that Medicare would have no problem with.

You wouldn’t get as many patients then.

I wouldn’t get so many patients that way. But if I simply change a drug, if I change their blood pressure medication, I change their pain medication, I change their diabetes medication, or I sign them up for a procedure. I’m a proceduralist, I do a lot of procedures. If I sign them up for a procedure, that dictates higher level of medical decision making − I instantly I go to a 99214.


Let’s focus on the medicine side because so many doctors do that. Well, what are people going to do? I mean we all have bills to pay, right? And so if I can see ten patients an hour by simply flipping from one drug to the next and make a thousand dollars by seeing—well ten patients in an hour would be a lot so maybe I’m exaggerating. But let’s say four patients an hour. If I could see four patients an hour and just flip some drugs, I just billed out 400 dollars.


Or, I could sit there and actually educate the patient, try to help them prevent their disease, to truly find solutions, true healthcare solutions, but I’m only going to get that extra 60 dollars and I’m going to spend 45 minutes doing that.


So doctors are unfortunately put in a position where, number one… The patients also, by the way, don’t want to hear a lot of times how they need to lose weight, quit smoking, change their lifestyle. Some do, some don’t.


I mean I don’t want to be unfair, but the doctors also don’t want to take that time to do that because they can make so much more money. I’m not trying to beat on doctors here. I’m really not. This is just, you know, if you’re a mechanic and you can fix alternators for 100 dollars a pop and you can put air in tires for five dollars a pop and they take the same time… where do you think you’re going to put your efforts, right?


Certainly there’s doctors that are very altruistic and do mission work and things like that. But I mean most doctors are trying to make a living. The system is designed to create chronic disease. There’s no money in being healthy. There’s no money in being dead. All the money is in being chronically ill.


The way the remuneration works for physicians, even with Medicare, is that it encourages more drugs to be written, switch from one drug to the next. You know, “get out of here.” 15 seconds I’m done. 99214.


By design I feel like the system is flawed. And who do you think is paying the congress people money for their next election campaign? Some small town doctor who’s trying to educate people on how to lose weight… or Pfizer or Merck? And I’m not picking on any specific company here. But it’s just simply true. That’s where the money comes from.


Please feel free to share with family and loved ones.


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Irvin Sahni



Your Doctor Knows Nothing About Nutrition and Why?



You Doctor Knows Nothing About Nutrition and Why!


You take a typical medical doctor who goes through a decade of school. How many courses do they typically take in nutrition? The answer is at most one and it’s not really a course, it’s a one-day mini whatever you would call it: a two-hour sit down and they don’t even really go into nutrition. They go into the ways that certain vitamins affect your body, your enzymes, but that’s it. That’s it!


One of my good friends is a physician in San Antonio. He said that he went to school for 12 years. Twelve years! He had two literal hours on a Wednesday afternoon for nutrition and that’s it. So, the reason that your doctor does not tell you about the effects of nutrition on your health or about the effects of nutrition on cancer is that he or she doesn’t know it.


It’s also a great example of the astonishing disconnect that exists in the mainstream medical system. They think that your body is somehow disconnected from what you feed your body; which is astonishing, completely irrational, illogical and unscientific.


So, the good news is that it becomes very easy to start waking people up and to start educating people about what’s real in terms of nutrition and health. People can understand this. We live in a materialistic type of society, so if you start with a material metaphor or with a material explanation, you can make good progress in this.


You can say, “well look! What you eat and drink is digested, right? And it becomes your blood composition and your blood is made of what you eat and drink.” And people say that “yeah, I get that.” “Okay, great! Unless you think that your blood is made magically, which doesn’t happen.


So then, your blood circulates throughout your body. Your blood brings the materials that then become your organs, that fuels your brain. Your cognitive function that fuel the function of all of your organs, and that replenish and rebuild all the cells of your body. As you lose cells, you build new cells. You replace cells.”


“So, clearly what’s in your blood becomes your physical body, right?” They say, “yeah right. I get that.” So then, you literally are what you eat physically. It’s an inescapable conclusion. So, if you’re eating junk, if you’re eating toxins, or if you’re eating heavy metals, your body, your brains, your organs, your skin and everything that’s in your physical body becomes junk, becomes toxic, and becomes processed. Not natural.


That idea is not yet recognized by the entire system of modern medicine with all of its claimed advances and with all of the billions of dollars that have gone in the cancer-research industry. They still cannot yet grasp a simple concept that a five year old understands almost automatically.

Please share with family and loved ones.


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Selenium Benefits



Selenium Benefits: A Unique Trace Mineral That Provides Powerful Cancer Prevention



We are surrounded by toxic chemicals in the environment all around us. One of these pollutants is mercury which is a biological toxin that can be lethal. Mercury binds easily to fatty tissue especially in the kidneys, liver, and brain. It can accumulate in high concentrations weakening these organs and causing severe harm. One of the best detoxifying agents to prevent mercury build-up is the mineral selenium.


Most people have elevated concentrations of mercury in their body. Mercury competes with other essential trace minerals at cellular binding sites. A deficiency of trace minerals can readily allow mercury to accumulate in and contaminate cells by inhibiting their natural energy producing abilities, blocking enzymatic activity and shutting down antioxidant systems.


How Are We Exposed to Mercury?


Aside from industrial pollution, major mercury contaminants in our environment are sourced from fish, vaccinations, processed food, and dental amalgam fillings. A 2009 study published in the Journal of Environmental Health showed evidence that mercury cell chlor-alkali chemicals are used in the manufacturing of food color additives such as FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Yellow 6 and high fructose corn syrup.


Selenoprotein enzymes are generated by the body by incorporating the trace mineral selenium into proteins. These enzymes function like antioxidants, destroying free radicals thus limiting oxidative damage. They also stimulate thyroid function and optimize the immune system. But many people have too much mercury in their body. When mercury binds to selenium, the production of selenoproteins is reduced. This promotes immune dysfunction and abnormal thyroid function.


Selenium Is a “Mercury Magnet”


Think of selenium as if it is a mercury magnet. It has a powerful affinity for binding toxic agents in the body and neutralizes their harmful activity. When mercury and selenium bind, this new compound cannot be absorbed by the body so it is removed as waste. This strong interaction greatly benefits total health and serves as one of the best strategies to remove accumulated mercury from fatty tissue in areas like the brain.


Supporting the production of this antioxidant enzyme is essential for human health. We must include a surplus of selenium in our body to reduce mercury levels. It is critical to consume more selenium and less mercury for this to occur. Mercury contamination from food, vaccines, dental amalgams, or whatever the source might require you to increase selenium consumption up to 1000 mcg each day.


The Anti-Inflammatory Roles of Selenium


Selenium stimulates a variety of antioxidant pathways in the body and also reduces inflammation, regulates the immune response, and improves blood flow. Selenium can be one of the most potent sources for reducing inflammation. This is an important consideration for individuals struggling with an autoimmune problem, which includes patients with HIV and life-threatening sepsis.


Supplementation with selenium has been shown to enhance the natural antioxidant defense system of cells. The activity of NF- kappaB (nuclear factor kappaB), known to trigger a chronic inflammatory response, can be suppressed using selenium. Supplementation has also been reported to decrease the concentration of immune-trafficking components of lymphocytes called L-selectin. These adhesion molecules give inflammatory T-cells the green light to leave the bloodstream and bind to tissues in the body resulting in a heightened inflammatory response.


Selenium is also very important for healthy fertility. Selenium is incorporated in the sperm mitochondrial capsule and may affect the behavior and function of the sperm as they move through the vaginal canal. Optimal levels of selenium help to improve the sperm viability and support fertility.


How Selenium Fights Cancer


Selenium acts a bit like a mechanic in how it works. It binds protective antioxidants like glutathione to areas of DNA that need repair. This process reduces the damage to cellular DNA and is especially important to reduce cancer growth, improve the aging process, and prevent against many degenerative diseases.


Research has been shown that selenium can contribute to natural antioxidant pathways which stimulate apoptosis (cell death) in human cancer cells. It has also been found to reduce metastasis in skin cancers such as melanoma.


Many selenoproteins remain largely unknown in the full extent to which they help fight disease. What is well understood is that selenium maintains a healthy balance of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and can prevent against metabolic complications like diabetes and cancer.


Selenium Deficiency Linked to Thyroid Cancer


Specifically, low selenium levels are associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer. This is due to the crucial role it plays on protecting the thyroid gland from damage. The incorporation of selenium into selenoproteins is essential for optimal thyroid health and for the protective effects of these antioxidant systems throughout the entire body. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the evidence is strong enough to claim selenium plays a pivotal role in carcinogenesis.


By supporting the repair of DNA, selenium is able to inhibit tumors generated by abnormal cellular growth and development. By removing hazardous agents from the body and detoxifying fatty tissue, selenium supports a healthy immune response to fight infection. Selenium treatment may be an alternative method in the fight against cancer and may even reduce mortality in many individuals struggling with chronic and infectious inflammatory diseases.


Recommendations for Selenium Consumption


It is recommended that one consume between 200-400 micrograms of selenium daily. Although too much selenium is toxic, the typical American consumes only 60 mcg each day. Long term deficiency weakens immunity and increases the risk of disease.


Chronic fatigue, stunted growth, high cholesterol, liver and pancreatic disorders, as well as cancer are among the list of the most common problems and disorders associated with selenium deficiency.


Reduce Your Exposure to Mercury


The high levels of mercury circulating in water systems from industrial pollution has led to controversy regarding fish consumption. A source of mercury, fish is also an excellent source of selenium.


A report to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by Dr. Nicholas Ralston showed that some sources of fish have higher concentrations of selenium than mercury. These include tuna, southern flounder, and wild pacific salmon such as Sockeye, Coho, and Chinook. The most hazardous sources of fish included various types of shark, tarpon, and pilot whale.


Highest Sources of Selenium in Food:


The best source of selenium is found in Brazil nuts. A single Brazil nut alone contains an estimated 50-75 mcg selenium. A small handful of no more than 6 nuts will supplement the selenium you need for the entire day.


Other excellent sources of selenium include pasture-raised eggs, mushrooms, shellfish, meat (including organ meats), as well as seeds.


10 Tips to Reduce Mercury and Boost Selenium Levels Naturally


The following ten tips are strategies that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to naturally reduce mercury and boost selenium levels.


Consume real foods rich in anti-inflammatory properties

Avoid vaccines

Eat 5-6 Brazil nuts daily

Eat only wild-caught fish with the best ratio of selenium to mercury concentration

Do not get dental amalgams and remove existing ones (only with with a qualified biological dentist)

Enhance your body’s natural detoxification systems with herbs like parsley and cilantro

Detox daily by consuming supergreens and chlorella and/or spirulina

Hydrate with clean, filtered water

Take an effective detoxification supplement

Perspire in an infrared sauna



Types of Selenium Supplements


Yeast naturally contains the most bioavailable source of selenium found as an amino acid form called selenomethionine. This selenium source is also found in plants because they take up sulfur compounds from the Earth linking them to selenium. Other sources of selenium have only half the absorption rate of L-selenomethionine.


To better understand the bioavailability of an amino acid form it is easiest to envision the two ways amino acids occur. “L” form and “D” form amino acids are mirror images of each other. In the case of selenium, the body is best able to metabolize the L-amino acid form making this type of selenium source the most readily absorbable by the human body.


Supplementation of 200 mcg of L-selenomethionine in one research group found that a significant reduction in thyroid peroxidase antibodies. It also supported total thyroid health and function in people suffering from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Furthermore, selenomethionine has been found to inhibit colon cancer cells and prostate cells from forming.


L-selenomethionine supplementation has been shown to prevent cancer formation and reduce both toxic mercury and cadmium levels in the body.


Please share with Family and loved ones.

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