Your Doctor Knows Nothing About Nutrition and Why?



You Doctor Knows Nothing About Nutrition and Why!


You take a typical medical doctor who goes through a decade of school. How many courses do they typically take in nutrition? The answer is at most one and it’s not really a course, it’s a one-day mini whatever you would call it: a two-hour sit down and they don’t even really go into nutrition. They go into the ways that certain vitamins affect your body, your enzymes, but that’s it. That’s it!


One of my good friends is a physician in San Antonio. He said that he went to school for 12 years. Twelve years! He had two literal hours on a Wednesday afternoon for nutrition and that’s it. So, the reason that your doctor does not tell you about the effects of nutrition on your health or about the effects of nutrition on cancer is that he or she doesn’t know it.


It’s also a great example of the astonishing disconnect that exists in the mainstream medical system. They think that your body is somehow disconnected from what you feed your body; which is astonishing, completely irrational, illogical and unscientific.


So, the good news is that it becomes very easy to start waking people up and to start educating people about what’s real in terms of nutrition and health. People can understand this. We live in a materialistic type of society, so if you start with a material metaphor or with a material explanation, you can make good progress in this.


You can say, “well look! What you eat and drink is digested, right? And it becomes your blood composition and your blood is made of what you eat and drink.” And people say that “yeah, I get that.” “Okay, great! Unless you think that your blood is made magically, which doesn’t happen.


So then, your blood circulates throughout your body. Your blood brings the materials that then become your organs, that fuels your brain. Your cognitive function that fuel the function of all of your organs, and that replenish and rebuild all the cells of your body. As you lose cells, you build new cells. You replace cells.”


“So, clearly what’s in your blood becomes your physical body, right?” They say, “yeah right. I get that.” So then, you literally are what you eat physically. It’s an inescapable conclusion. So, if you’re eating junk, if you’re eating toxins, or if you’re eating heavy metals, your body, your brains, your organs, your skin and everything that’s in your physical body becomes junk, becomes toxic, and becomes processed. Not natural.


That idea is not yet recognized by the entire system of modern medicine with all of its claimed advances and with all of the billions of dollars that have gone in the cancer-research industry. They still cannot yet grasp a simple concept that a five year old understands almost automatically.

Please share with family and loved ones.


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