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On The Go?


Do you know that terrible feeling when anxiety gets the best of you? Your heart starts to race and sink, palms get sweaty, lump forms in your throat… and your mind just WON’T STOP?

With our busy schedules and stress-packed lives, it’s no wonder we feel like that often… how are you supposed to relax and unwind when you’re always on the go and in a rush?

Your wish is to ease anxiety and make the racing thoughts STOP so you can finally live in peace

You are not alone. Many people can’t relax, can’t stop moving their feet when they are sitting.  People can’t stop thinking when they are sleeping.  People who cannot sit down for any length of time and just relax.  People who go on vacation and have to keep doing and doing and doing. People who are always doing things even though they admit they felt burned out. Being nervous, stressed, and lack of rest will keep making things worse. But there is a remedy!

The Healthcare Professionals here at Health and Wellness Associates are here to help you with this problem.  This could be a heavy metals problem or a digestive problem.  Yes, a chemical problem too.

Many chemicals have been put through your body and it does take its toll.  We can help you find out what it is and what to do about it.  Do Not Take More Chemicals, meaning a prescription to cure a chemical problem.

Please share with family and loved ones.


Health and Wellness Associates



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