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Thyroid Boosting Smoothie


Thyroid Boosting Green Smoothie


Everyone over the age of 40 has thyroid issues.  99% of the population!

This is a smoothie that you can have everyday.  Most smoothies with fruit and fruit juices, are not meant to have on a daily basis.

This smoothie is filled with three basic ingredients that help regulate thyroid hormones: tyrosine to boost the thyroid hormone, greens to activate the thyroid hormone, and antioxidants to reduce inflammation in the body. Now you can create your own customized thyroid smoothie, all with the click of a blender!


1 tbsp tyrosine (sunflower seeds or flax seeds)

1 cup greens (kale, watercress, or spinach)

1/2 cup antioxidants (frozen raspberries or blueberries)

1 cup water


  1. Place preferred tyrosine base, green base, and antioxidant base into blender.


  1. Add water and blend until desired texture is reached.


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