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B-12 and Brain Health


Vitamin B12 Deficiency Endangers Brain Health:


B-12 brain deficiency is a silent epidemic with serious consequences to your health.


A chronic deficiency can lead to more serious health consequences than nearly any other vitamin deficiency.


While the range of deleterious effects that can result from B12 deficiency is wide and voluminous, one area where it hits hardest is neurological health.  This is because vitamin B12 is invaluable for the development and optimal function of brain and nerve cells.


Without it, a frightening set of symptoms and ailments can set in: what begins as fatigue, slight neuropathy (tingling in the extremities), and low-level mood imbalances could possibly escalate to dementia and other expressions of advanced neuro-degeneration and even degeneration of the spinal cord (which carries its own host of side effects, including problems with vision, bladder function, erectile function, cardiovascular health, and gastrointestinal function).


How B12 Protects Brain Health


Vitamin B12 is intimately linked with the health of myelin, the fatty sheath that protects brain and nerve cells against strokes, stress and damage, and also aids nerve-impulse communication between cells.

Vitamin B12 not only helps to protect the integrity of myelin, but also is central to its synthesis.

Without the ability to maintain myelin, the body can’t effectively protect brain and nerve cells against damage.

In short, many of the complex processes required for optimal brain health grind to a halt without proper levels of vitamin B12.

And because so many people are deficient in vitamin B12 (up to 40% of the American population, with another 39% hovering right above deficiency), it’s no surprise then that the incidence of neurological disease is skyrocketing.

To protect your brain, you may want to consider a high quality B12 supplement.


Unfortunately, those B12 supplements you find on the market suffer from one major flaw…

They’re unabsorbable.

When vitamins aren’t properly absorbed, your brain never gets the nutrients it desperately needs…so you still end up with the symptoms mentioned above.

Also, taking B12 alone, can literally deplete other vitamins in your body and leave you extremely sick.

This includes B-12 shots.  Yes, can you believe that there are some physicians who are still recommending B-12 shots.  The only reason would be money.  It costs them less than ten cents per shot to give it to you.,

Unknown to most consumers, cyanide is found in a wide range of vitamins and foods in a form known as cyanocobalamin.  Fortunately, the cyanide has a low potential to do harm because it is organically bound to cobalamin (vitamin b12) — that is, as long as everything is working correctly and that person hasn’t already been burdened with environmental chemical exposures from cyanide, and related xenobiotic compounds. Having more than 6 B-12 shots a year is considered excessive.

Cyanocobalamin is actually found in 99% of the vitamins on the market which contain B12, as it is relatively cheap (recovered from activated sewage sludge or produced through total chemical synthesis), and stable (non-perishable). Despite its wide usage, it is not an ideal form of vitamin b12, as the cyanide must be removed from the cobalamin before it can perform its biological indispensable roles within the body. While there is plenty of research on the potential value of cyanide-bound vitamin B12, it does have potential to do harm.

The older you are the more dangerous it is to take a B-12 shot.  Kidneys, eyes, bladder and Liver functions are the first to be affected.

So, what do you do instead?   B-12 patches and sublingual sprays have been found to me effective in raising your B-12 levels.

So please talk to a healthcare provider that is versed in this, and can help you get on the right regiment.

Call us if you need help with this and we can collectively determine what you need.


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