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Are You Extraordinary?


Are You Extraordinary?


Thanksgiving is a rather unique American holiday and somewhat difficult to explain it if you have never experienced it. In the United Kingdom we have, “Harvest Festival,” where we celebrate the fall harvest. Other places around the world observe similar celebrations and it is a day to spend time with family and friends, giving thanks and gratitude for what matters to you.


I sum it up as a special day to express your thankfulness and gratitude.


To me, gratitude means to give special thanks for all that we have. It is generous, it is forgiving, it is empowering, and gratitude releases the “hold” that pain may have on our hearts and minds.


If you are facing tough challenges, in those challenges hold the opportunity for you to rise up and become extraordinary. Use those experiences to create a way to heal your life, translate the challenge into gratitude, and create the actions needed to make those changes.


You can become extraordinary looking for the good in everything.


Gratitude is at the core of this principle. Countless studies have proven the power of being positive as a way to become extraordinary and heal your life.

As much as I teach about alternative health and living a healthy lifestyle, if you are not happy or grateful and you are clinging to your life by a thread, that’s certainly not optimal healthy living!


Yes, the greatest monitor of vibrancy and health is bouncing out of bed in the morning, being ready to take on the world, with abundant energy and a great attitude.


Well, how are you going to bounce out of bed if you don’t like your life or if things are getting you down? I’m sure you feel as I do… we all know that our life could be better, and we all know that deep down we can be extraordinary.


Health and vitality is not all physical. That’s why I like to teach life, living and actions, as well as obvious nutrition.


In fact, what I preach is like nutrition for mind and spirit.

Just like disease, which is correctable, dis-ease or not enjoying life to the fullest, is also correctable.

Be Grateful!


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Dr P Carrothers

Director of Personalized Healthcare

Restorative and Preventative Medicine

312-972-9355 (WELL)

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