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Lower Your Blood Pressure With Onions

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Lower Your BP with Onions


Lower your Blood Pressure with a daily dose of onions.

In a Spanish study, eating 1/3 cup of onions daily, any kind of onions,

it cut patients blood pressure by 21% in five weeks. Onions are

rich in quercetin, a natural diuretic that lowers pressure by

flushing our excess fluids and salt. Many people stop eating onions

because of bad breath worries, but please put them back in your

diet and make sure any older people put them back in their diets

also, to avoid congestive heart problems.

One of the best combinations is onions and eggs.  There are two enzymes,

one from the onion and one from the eggs that in combination are super



If you are having any concerns, please call us and ask to set up a consultation.

Health and Wellness Associates


P Carrothers

312-972-9355 (WELL)

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