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After eradicating MSG from her diet, young girl stops experiencing autism-like symptoms

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After eradicating MSG from her diet, young girl stops experiencing autism-like symptoms



Brooke Reid was diagnosed as moderately autistic at the tender age of two. She had no eye contact, rigid play experiences, exhibited signs of obsessive compulsive disorder, was overcome by tantrums and couldn’t communicate socially. Brooke’s parents were both doctors. Her mother, Katherine Reid, Ph.D, is a biochemist. Her journey to help her daughter became a mission that is now assisting millions.


Natural News reports, ” . . . Dr. Reid’s free time was dedicated to researching autism and the struggles that other families were experiencing. Through her research, she learned that many children suffering from the disorder had improved symptoms after altering their diets to exclude monosodium glutamate (MSG), gluten and dairy products. . .


“After Dr. Reid learned that naturally occurring glutamate was responsible for transmitting signals between neurons and other cells, she felt that an imbalanced diet filled with MSG could be worsening her daughter’s symptoms and potentially even the cause of them.


“. . . With MSG in nearly 95 percent of processed foods, and often unlabeled, Dr. Reid knew that it wouldn’t be easy eliminating it from Brooke’s diet; however, she was willing to try.


“Despite skepticism from the medical community regarding the link between autism and MSG, Dr. Reid withdrew MSG from her daughter’s diet and began seeing improvements in just five weeks.”


There were a series of nutritional therapies that Dr. Reid began to experiment with. She learned about the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that most Americans have. Her research on glutamate was eye opening, and in her words, “shocking,” as she discovered it’s not as easy to remove it from the diet, because it has fifty different names.


“Why do they put MSG in our food? Because it fakes the brain into thinking it tastes good.” – Dr. Katherine Reid, Ph.D.


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FDA Document Admits Vaccines are Linked to Autism.



FDA document admits vaccines are linked to autism


There is now a  vaccine document on the FDA’s own website that openly admits vaccines are linked to autism.


This document, an insert sheet for the Tripedia vaccine, openly admits to the vaccine being linked to “idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea.”


Here is the link:


The massive vaccine cover-up and the murderous denial of vaccine injuries


I’ve also posted a detailed video explanation of the side effects of this vaccine as well as the massive vaccine damage cover-up that continues to be pushed by the mainstream media, which is 100% controlled by the government’s scripting of stories. (All mainstream media news is scripted, planted or twisted by the government, journalists are now revealing…)


Some of my quotes from the video include:


“We are living in the Dark Ages of medicine… censorship, oppression, intimidation of anyone who dares to speak out about vaccines.”


“Vaccines actually cause the very conditions, in many cases, that they claim to treat. This is why the children who are affected in outbreaks are very often the same children who were vaccinated.” (See this article about how Merck virologists faked vaccine trial results using animal antibodies to commit scientific fraud.


“The most dangerous child to have in a public school system is a child who has been vaccinated with these kinds of toxins that have weakened their immune system and possibly has made them a carrier of the virus from the vaccine itself. There’s a reason why every time we have a mumps or measles outbreak, it occurs among those children who were already vaccinated…”


“Vaccines exist today not to prevent disease, but to sell more vaccines. And they accomplish that by making sure their vaccines don’t work. Because they know that the more their vaccines don’t work, the more disease they will spread, the more panic there will be in the media, and the more parents will blindly, obediently rush out to vaccinate their children. And the cycle repeats. Vaccine ‘science’ is actually a marketing scheme and nothing more. It has nothing to do with real science.”


“There will be a day that the oppression of this truth will crumble. The Berlin wall of scientific fraud will come crumbling down, and the truth will be exposed for all the world to see. All the parents of vaccine damaged children will one day be heard. And we will demand reparations from the vaccine industry for all the harm and all the deaths they have systematically and knowingly caused across human civilization. They have committed murder in the name of medicine. That day of reckoning is close at hand…”


Many of us have people who have and are suffering from vaccines they may not have been necessary.  Yes Autism is one we hear about, but there is also insulin resistant diabetes, MS and juvenile Arthritis and more.


Please share with family and loved ones.

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The Link Between Mosquito Spraying and Autism


The Link Between Mosquito Spraying and Autism

A new study has found a correlation between the aerial spraying of mosquito killing pesticides and an increased risk of developmental delays and autism among kids. The study was presented at the 2016 Pediatric Academic Societies meeting.


For the study, researchers looked at the rates of autism and developmental delays from eight zip codes in a region of New York which is exposed to yearly airplane pesticide spraying (meant to prevent mosquito-borne disease like eastern equine encephalitis virus). They then compared those rates in 16 different zip codes where the spraying doesn’t happen.

For kids living in zip codes where spraying happened each summer, there was about a 25% higher risk of an autism diagnosis or developmental problem, compared to kids who lived where no spraying was done. It seems that the way pesticides are applied might have something to do with the correlation; there are animal studies which show that pesticides can affect certain neurotransmitters in the brain, however, their exact effects on brain development are still being studied.

From the TIME article:

“The study only shows a correlation between the two and does not show that aerial pesticide spraying causes autism. It also does not provide information about whether a child could have been exposed during pregnancy or after birth. Aerial spraying is a common mosquito control tool, and states in the U.S. are ramping up efforts to control mosquito populations amid the ongoing Zika outbreak. The study authors state that the findings are not strong enough to change mosquito control practices.”

It doesn’t come as a surprise that doctors don’t feel like this data is sufficient enough to stop the spraying but there are actually plenty of reasons: damage to other species, environmental effects, and the simple fact that no long term studies have been done to show its safety for humans and animals.

So, while the spraying is going to continue, its best to stay indoors, cover your garden, and cover your kids outside play equipment. Stay safe.

Please share with family and loved ones.

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