Health and Disease

Main Source of Many Illnesses


A diet high in sugar and grain products is a prescription for hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes; excess dietary fructose is the main culprit behind high blood pressure and heart disease due to it’s disastrous effects on your insulin levels
If you have hypertension, it’s very likely you also have insulin resistance and unstable blood sugar levels; as your insulin rises, so does your blood pressure, as the two conditions usually go hand in hand
The primary prevention (and treatment) for hypertension should be modifying your diet and lifestyle choices, including optimizing your omega-3 to omega-6 fat ratio and your vitamin D level
Adequate exercise is another basic requirement for lowering your blood pressure and preventing insulin resistance

NEVER! Stop eating sugars and breads cold turkey, or all at once. This can upset your rhythms of your body to the point of developing seizures, cardiac and diabetic problems.

Once you’ve gone through the steps and made the necessary lifestyle modifications, you may want to consider a few key dietary supplements, Call us for your personalized health care plan.

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