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Company Recalls More Than 200 Million Eggs Due to Salmonella Scare

Nearly 207 million eggs produced at a farm in Hyde County, N.C., are being voluntarily recalled because of concerns of contamination with the salmonella bacteria, the egg company announced.

In a statement, Rose Acre Farms of Seymour, Ind. said that 22 illnesses but no deaths have so far been linked to the tainted eggs.

The eggs “have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella Braenderup, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems,” the company said Friday.

The recall arose after illnesses were reported in East Coast states. The outbreak “led to extensive interviews and eventually a thorough FDA (Food and Drug Administration) inspection of the Hyde County farm, which produces 2.3 million eggs a day. The facility includes 3 million laying hens with a USDA inspector on-site daily,” the company said.

The eggs under recall were distributed from the North Carolina farm to retailers and restaurants in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, Rose Acre said.

All of the eggs come from plant number P-1065, with a “date range of 011 through date of 102 printed on either the side portion or the principal side of the carton or package.” A full list of affected products can be found below in the company’s news release.

Even healthy people infected with the strain of salmonella “can experience fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain,” the company noted, and heart or arthritic issues can also develop.

“Consumers who have purchased shells eggs are urged to immediately discontinue use of the recalled eggs and to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund,” Rose Acre said. “Consumers with questions may contact the company at (855) 215-5730 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard time.”


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Metal Fragments Found in Liquid Tylenol


Tiny metal fragments found inside liquid Tylenol without any recall – avoid at all costs!



U.S News reports that children’s and infant’s liquid Tylenol was knowingly sold containing heavy metals for over a year. McNeil Consumer Healthcare, which is a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson company, was given a federal criminal charge over the issue – to which the company plead guilty.


The contaminated medicine that was sold was over-the-counter, so an unknown number of people purchased it and gave it to their children, thinking it was a safe product.


Nickel, chromium, and iron particles were integrated into the liquid medicine during the manufacturing process, and the company knew about this for at least a year – yet, did nothing to prevent or correct the contamination. To resolve the case and get the Justice Department to back off, Reuter’s reports the company agreed to pay a $25 million fine. It continues to make infant and children’s liquid Tylenol.


Heavy Metal Contamination Can Take Years to Become Noticeable


While no reports of injuries have come in, it often takes years for heavy metal contamination to become apparent. The children who were given the contaminated medicine may have health problems later in life because of it.


Chelation therapy or other protocols may be required for many of them to detox from the metals, while others may never know the cause of any related illnesses they develop when they are older.


This is not the first-time Tylenol has had ‘quality control’ problems.


Beginning in 2009, infant’s liquid Tylenol made by the company was found to have metal fragments in it. The company investigated, but nothing was done, and the product continued to be sold, though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised consumers to stop using the product. In spite of this recommendation, the product was not recalled. If this were a vitamin company – the FDA would shut it done.


The Pharmaceutical Industry is Loaded With ‘Quality Control’ Issues


This is a problem in the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, but such problems rarely come to light in such a spectacular fashion as it has with this particular case.


The Department of Justice has vowed to seek out and punish companies in the pharmaceutical industry that release contaminated medicines, especially over-the-counter ones that are designed for children and infants.


So, What Are the Alternatives to Children’s Tylenol?


In light of the problems discovered with the quality of children’s Tylenol products, and with the seriousness of the known Tylenol side effects, it is a good idea for parents to look into alternatives.  Fortunately, there are many natural pain-relieving alternatives that do not have the Tylenol side effects (such as liver toxicity) and are pleasing to infants and children.


Herbs & Fruits


Herbs such as turmeric, ginger and valerian root plus fruit like cherries can help to relieve pain – without the negative Tylenol side effects – and can easily be given to children and infants. These are much better choices for parents and children and will assure the safety of the kids who need pain relief.


Tylenol is not usually the first choice of pain relief that you will hear from most pediatricians.  Children’s aspirin is totally recommended since it takes less dosages to relive the symptoms.  Finding the cause of the pain is the most important thing your pediatrician should be doing.


Willow Bark, Kava Kava, and Skullcap


The safety of manufactured drugs obviously cannot be trusted, and their side effects make natural alternatives the smart, obvious choice.  If you suffer from chronic pain, you may want to look into the health benefits of willow bark, kava kava, and skullcap – which is particularly good for anxiety, nervous tension, and convulsions.


Obviously, when dealing with serious health issues, it’s always best to find a trusted (well-trained) physician to help guide you through the healing process. If your doctor is unaware of the value of herbal medicine or natural remedies – find another doctor.


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Chicken Recall


The initial recall announced on Nov. 23, 2016 was for 17,439 pounds of product. The expanded recall includes an additional 1,976,089 pounds of product. The recall now includes products produced between Aug. 20, 2016 and Nov. 30, 2016.
The recall is for:
5 lb. bags packed 2 bags per case; product labeled “Distributed by National Steak and Poultry, Owasso, OK Fully Cooked, Diced, Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast Meat with Rib Meat” with Lot code 100416 and Case Code: 70020.
5 lb. bags packed 2 bags per case; product labeled “Hormel Natural Choice 100% Natural No Preservatives Fully Cooked Roasted Chicken Breast Strips with Rib Meat Natural Smoke Flavor Added” with Lot code 100416 and Case code 702113.
The cases containing the recalled products have establishment number “P-6010T” inside the USDA mark of inspection. The products were distributed to food service locations nationwide and sold directly to consumers at the company’s monthly dock sale.
The FSIS classified this recall as a high health risk because the undercooked products could contain potentially harmful bacteria. To date, there have been no confirmed reports of illnesses associated with the recalled products.
Consumers who bought the products should throw them away or return them to the place of purchase.
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