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Boys and ADHD


Over 20% of our boys have been diagnosed with ADHD!

That is one out of every 5 teenage boys have been prescribed

a drug for ADHD.  42% of boys between the ages of 4 and 17.

Most children diagnosed with ADHD, are showing signs of hyperactivity

from food intake, yet psychiatrist continue to prescribe.

More boys on Medicaid or Children’s Health Aid, are diagnosed

53% more than children with private health care.

Don’t let this happen to someone you know.


You may not know this but, when you apply for a job, the new insurance

Company can do what they call a peer review, and they will determine if

Your son, or daughter is a good candidate to be hired.  If they see that they

Have taken any ADHD drugs, they might have a harder time finding a job.


Health and Wellness Associates